Pray Freedom: Women of Faith

An 8-week introduction to prayer ministry. Learn to help yourself and help others in this version of the Pray Freedom course running for sisters only and with female mentorship. 

David M. Taylor · November 6, 2020

Are you tired of hitting invisible barriers in your church or personal life or in the lives of those you want to help. Would you like to equip your team with a powerful basic understanding of the heart of the gospel?

In the “Pray Freedom” course, we share insights from decades of experience helping people experience freedom and healing in Jesus Christ.

We set the context for ministering healing and deliverance with two weeks on the mission that Jesus gave to all disciples and on the type of worldview we need to rise to the challenge. After two weeks on Dealing with Sins and Inner Healing, we will spend three weeks on demons and deliverance and end up with one week where we talk about walking in freedom. 

Each week includes an:  

  • Animated video theme teaser
  • Video teaching (15 mins)
  • Bible verse recording for memorisation (8 – 12 mins)
  • Quiz for fun and testing
  • Interactive session in an online or local small group. 

Our target audience is both ministers and people seeking ministry. A ‘minister’ is anyone called to serve others as a prayer partner, counsellor or pastor. Ministry is the process of overcoming problems by dealing with root issues through prayer. 

The reference text book for this course is “Ministering Below the Surface” by David, Albert & Elisabeth Taylor. We recommend that you get the book and skim read it to get the main structure and ideas. Then use it as a reference work as you go through the 8 modules of this course and later as you begin to minister to people practically. 

Join us and invest a small amount of your free time. I guarantee that the 2 months of Pray Freedom will change your spiritual life radically. 

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Course Mentor: Kathleen Guptara

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David M. Taylor

David M. Taylor is the founder/director of free+healed and SoundsWrite GmbH. free+healed is a non-profit which focusses on personal transformation through teaching, training, inspiration and impartation. SoundsWrite provides text and production services for corporate communications. We convey complex ideas in smooth stories. David earned his Masters in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, UK in 1993. Since then he worked in production and communications, and has taught principles of personal revival and discipleship on three continents.

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