Help videos

Matt Martin kindly created a few videos (below) where he walks us through various steps of using the site with a phone.  Obviously tablets and laptops will look different. 

Quick tips

During sign up don’t forget that you need to check your email and activate your account. 

Once you’re in, you can just explore. But here are a few tips:

Menus: There’s a profile menu on the top right – with links to all your personal stuff. Then the central menu bar offers links to all the general stuff that all the site users can access. On a mobile these two menus are combined into a the so-called “hambuger” menu – those line icons that mobile sites display that unfold when you click on them. 

Sidebar and dark mode: On the top right you also have a night icon for dark mode and an expansion icon that will bring in the side bar with your course overview.

Have fun!

How to register and complete your profile

How to start taking a course

How to start taking a course