Ministering Below the Surface


Are you looking for the world’s simplest Christian counselling course. Or are you desperately looking for help to deal with struggles that no one understands. Ministering below the Surface will help you to help yourself and help others. It is designed to empower any believer in Jesus Christ in a way that is simple, scriptural, powerful and effective. Born out of decades of anointed ministry, this book:

• Equips you to help yourself and others
• Prepares you to receive & keep deliverance & healing
• Teaches the conditions for the life-changing work of the spirit
• Is suitable for the individual or group study.





About the authors
Albert and Elisabeth Taylor taught inner healing and deliverance on four continents over more than forty years. Their compassion for hurting people and their patient commitment to removing the deep blockages tha prevent healing and freedom has resulted in countless testimonies of lasting change in the lives of people all over the world.
David M. Taylor holds a Masters in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University, England. He is a writer, producer and founder of free+healed ministry.

A vital reference work
In this book, the Taylors condense all their experience into a remarkably simple and clear handbook for any Christian looking for sound biblical guidance in these vital topics. After all, deliverance ministry was a major feature in the life of Jesus and it has been a controversial topic throughout church history. At the same time, Christ had a particular interest in healing the broken-hearted. As the Kingdom of God continues to expand and clash with the powers of darkness in individual lives, the importance of a balanced understanding of deliverance and it’s relationship to other Christian basics remains.

What you will learn in Ministering below the surface
Through simple teaching of biblical concepts this book will equip helper and help-seekers alike to:

• Remove the blockages to relationship resulting from your own sin
• Overcome the problems that result from hurtful experiences
• Learn to forgive others
• Learn to accept God’s forgiveness
• Understand what demons and evil spirits are and what they do
• Understand the natural and spiritual entry points for demons
• Use simple and effective prayer steps to get rid of demons

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